Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Days Coming Up!

Alright friends, I know I have some followers and readers from lands far, far away (read Ontario), however, there's too much cool stuff happening in Vancouver in the next few nights not to mention:

1. Friday Night (Tonight): Head to the Surrey Celebration site this afternoon before 5 PM to catch Peak Performance Project winners We are the City open up an amazing night of music from The Arkells, Sam Roberts, and Dan Mangan (!). I've seen We are the City, and they are unreal! And of course, my love for Dan is old hat at this point. OR if you're not in the Surrey mood this evening, head down to Robson Square to catch Said the Whale and Hey Ocean! for free behind the Vancouver Art Gallery.

2. Saturday: Always the best night to be downtown to watch the games. Gather around the TVs at CTV's broadcast booth on Robson between Burrard and Hornby, head over to Robson Square to watch the massive projection on the side of the Sears building, or get downtown early to snatch a seat at one of the bars or pubs on Granville. Celebrate!

3. Sunday: Canada takes on the United States in men's hockey for the first time in this Olympics! Downtown is sure to be manic, so Commercial might be your best bet to get a seat by a TV and an active beer tap. But if we should win, you're only a few blocks from the train that will get you into the heart of the celebration downtown.

4. Monday: W2 Culture + Media House at 112 West Hastings is hosting the Fresh Media Olympics Conference from 1-7 PM on Monday February 22. This conference will address the question "how has social media changed the Olympics story?" Featuring keynotes and panels led by leading thinkers on the issue of social media and sport, such as Andy Miah, the day promises to be exciting, interactive, and extremely productive. For all those who didn't take a look at my last entry, W2 is a gallery space on the Downtown Eastside that, for the duration of the Olympics, has been transformed into the media centre for unaccredited and citizen journalists who have come to Vancouver to provide a non-commercial, alternative perspective on the games. It's an amazing site, and the Fresh Media conference will be a great showcase of all the amazing work that's happening there. Visit the EventBrite page to reserve your spot!

After you're done at W2, run over to LiveCity Yaletown to catch Canadian jazz songstress Jill Barber, and prepare to swoon over her sweet voice as it curls around her neo-vintage love songs. Followed up by Colin James, and the whole event is, as expected, free!

Hope to see some Blogger friends out and about this weekend. Comment me and tell me where you'll be!


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